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All of our team at Simple Nutrition have, at some point, suffered from poor health that was directly linked to how we were treating our body – lack of nourishment, movement, rest or sleep (or any combination of the 4). With a strong desire to look beyond the doctor’s surgery & that quick fix pill to find natural, sustainable ways of managing/reversing our ailments & improving our overall health status this led our Nutrition & Health Coaches to study & qualify with Richard Burton & his team at the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health (www.IINH.ie) & the creation of this website, www.simplenutrition.ie , as a means of supporting people who want to take back control of their health & wellbeing.

We believe that everyone can live a healthier, fuller life when given the knowledge, guidance &
support to optimise their nutrition & wellbeing. This can mean different things to each of us -we are all individuals- each at a different stage in our lives with different nutritional needs. For some, poor or misguided nutritional choices can do us more harm than good & we lack the knowledge to improve this, for others stress has taken over our lives & we can’t seem to get a handle on it.

At the heart of any ailment is our bodies ability to cope & recover from it -or not- that determines its effect on our health now & into the future. Our bodies are resilient but need key nutrients -often lacking in our modern, convenience diets – to maintain good health, recover from life’s stress’ & strains, keep us young & fit, ensure our wellbeing into the future & help protect us & our children from the wave of “lifestyle” diseases now being diagnosed at an unprecedented rate in all ages – diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome etc. Working with a Simple Nutrition coach will ensure you give yourself & your family the best opportunity to improve your health status now & into the future.