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Do you struggle when it comes to cooking for your kids? What should they eat versus what they will actually eat? Are you worried bad habits are creeping into mealtimes & you’re stuck in a rut? Regular & seasonal illness’, skin conditions, constipation, moodiness etc. can be connected to the foods our kids eat or a sign that something’s missing – our 8 week programme is tailored to meet your kid’s individual nutritional needs, improve your families overall health & put you on the right path for lasting change -you’ll never look back!!

Healthy eating is essential for our children’s good health, growth and development. It means they will have less chance of developing chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers. It will also mean they feel & look better and enjoy life more, bringing this positive attitude towards good eating habits into adulthood.



  • Initial 1 ½ hr consultation
  • Detailed review of 10 day food diary
  • A 2nd 1 ½ hr consultation to detail recommendations & set goals
  • Personalised nutrition & wellness plan
  • Recipes
  • 7 x 30 minute weekly consultations to review progress
  • Extra support by text/email outside consultation times