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Are you often “moody” or “stressed” with work or home life? Are your energy levels “not too bad” & you’ve simply accepted feeling this way as a result of leading a hectic life? Do you find yourself constantly snacking in an attempt to keep your energy levels up to get through your day? Do you suffer from regular/seasonal illness? Hippocrates (often referred to as “The Father of Medicine”) believed that “all disease begins in the gut” & the latest research available is now acknowledging this direct connection. Many of us don’t associate how we’re feeling- physically & mentally- back to the foods we eat & how our digestive system copes -or not- with them unless we suffer physical discomfort in that area. We are only now beginning to have a true understanding of the gut/health relationship & if we choose to improve our diet now along with movement, rest & sleep we will reap the benefits of this for years to come – both in longevity & quality of life.



  • Initial 1 ½ hr consultation
  • Detailed review of 10 day food diary
  • A 2nd 1 ½ hr consultation to detail recommendations & set goals
  • Personalised nutrition & wellness plan
  • Recipes
  • 11 x 30 minute weekly consultations to review progress
  • Extra support by text/email outside of consultation times