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5 Ways to reduce our kid’s sugar consumption

5 Ways to reduce our kid’s sugar consumption

  1. Eliminate or drastically reduce sugary drinks. This includes sport/energy drinks, sodas, lemonade, fruit punch and even 100% fruit juice. Manufacturers of 100% fruit juice often add sugar to it. And even if there’s no sugar added to it, the process of juicing fruit typically eliminates the fibre once contained in the fruit. Thus, kids don’t feel full after drinking it and often overindulge. On average, a no-sugar-added 12-oz glass of orange or apple juice contains 40 grams of sugar (that’s 10 teaspoons!!!). That’s the same as a can of cola. I suggest drinking more water & eating whole fruits instead.
  2. Serve more vegetables and fruits. Children (and even adults!) should eat 5-9 servings of produce per day such as apples, carrots, broccoli, bananas, and peppers. Whole fruit and vegetables contain water and fibre, which will help kids to feel full. Plus, research tells us that chewing is an important part of satiety.
  3. Eat whole foods that aren’t processed. Eating more foods in their natural state will not only ensure that you know what is in them, but will eliminate added sugars.
  4. Cook more at home – the more you can cook & prepare lunches, snacks etc. for your family at home, the more control you have over the foods that you all eat.
  5. Start reading the labels on products when you shop – “sugar” has many alias’ & it’s worth getting to know them so you can help protect your families health.

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